Hair weaves are the same as hair extensions that are woven into your regular hair by a professional. They look really realistic and can last for up to four months of wear. Hair extensions are made from human hair and generally make it look as though you are wearing a long wig.  Human hair extensions come in a variety of colours and lengths.  You can make it look like a long wig or you can style the extensions for a shorter and more styled look.  Remy hair extensions come in wefts and are made from human hair that has the cuticle attached and which have the cuticles all going the same way. 

Human hair extensions are worn a lot like regular human hair. You need to wash and condition it gently and use a lot of conditioner so that the hair extensions don’t get tangled when you brush or comb it.  You should use a detangler if the hair is a long wig that can easily get tangled.  Gently brush or comb it, let it dry and gently comb it or brush it again.  Especially if you have high quality Remy hair extensions, you can blow dry it and curl or straighten it just like real hairRemy hair extensions come with quality hair that lasts the longest and can take the most abuse.  If you want really realistic and long lasting hair, try Remy hair extensions, even if they are more expensive. 

Human hair extensions can be worn in individual strands that are made from synthetic or human hair.  The hair is individually tied in small bundles to equally small bundles of your real human hair. This makes a shaft of usually brightly coloured hair that blends in with your own human hair so that it looks like you dyed a swatch of hair a bright colour.  You can do it on one side of your head or on both sides of your head and you can even have clip on extensions that look like dreadlocks or that is a different texture or curliness than your regular hair.

Clip on extensions are not woven but are clipped onto horizontal lines of hair, much like a hair weave but much more temporary.  You use clip on extensions by clipping several lines of wefts in a linear fashion so that the hair looks like a long wig but matches your regular colour.  There are short wefts and there are long wefts so that the hair can be clipped on in the right length.  You can then cut or style the clip on extensions to your liking. 

Regardless of the type of hair extensions you choose, they look nice and are a fun alternative to your regular hair.  You can use wool hair extensions for a dreadlock look or human hair extensions for a natural look.  Wool hair extensions can be died a multitude of colours for a really unique hair look.   If you use wool hair extensions that are clip on extensions, they are best removed every night and replaced in the morning.  Woven wool hair extensions can last a long time on your head but really shouldn’t be washed or combed as the dreadlock-look is often ruined. 

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